Laptop Backpacks

We've got a huge range of laptop backpacks to suit up to 17 inch laptops.

Travel Backpacks

All forms of travel backpacks are available in our travel backpacks section

School Backpacks

Kids going back to school, backpacks need replacing? Check out our selection.

Leather Backpacks

High quality leather backpacks for the distinguished individual

Kids Backpacks

Every few years kids backpacks need replacing, we've got heaps to choose from.

Hiking Backpacks

You need solid hiking backpacks and we've got the top quality products for you.

How to choose a backpack

Step 1.

What is the purpose of the backpack you are looking to buy?
  • Travel Backpack - You need something strong and light with a good capacity. If you would like your backpack to double as carry on hand luggage then you need to look at the dimentions listed on the product, or just look at our hand luggage backpacks category.
  • Hiking Backpack - Often these need to be waterproof backpacks, but the most important factor is comfort as you'll be carrying your hiking backpack large distances.
  • Backpacking Backpacks - Traditionally students take a gap year before university to go backpacking, these backpacking backpacks need to be durable, and have a large capacity. It's also advantageous to be able to zip the straps away in a compartment when traveling on an aeroplane.
  • School Backpack - Your kids want their school backpack to be "cool", you want it to be strong and durable. We specialise in (hopefully) offering both.
  • Laptop Backpack - Laptop backpacks need to be strong, very strong, to protect your laptop in case the backpack takes a fall or a hit. It also needs to be secure so that people cant steal the laptop from the backpack.
  • Designer Backpacks - Many big popular brands produce their own backpacks, which gives you the choice of buying roxy backpacks and animal backpacks to name a few.
  • Running Backpack - Running backpacks need to be light, and are generally smaller. They also have chest and waist straps to keep the running backpack secure on the runners back
  • Picnic Backpack - Picnic backpacks often need a cooler section, and some of our picnic backpacks come with plates and cutlery built in.
  • Camera Backpack - Camera Backpacks are a very specialist peice of kit designed to hole multiple camera bodies and lenses, hopefully offering protection for your extremely expensive camera gear. Good camera backpacks aren't cheap, but when you are protecting many thousands of pounds worth of equipment you shouldn't be looking to save money on your camera backpack.

Step 2.

Choose your backpack size.
  • Big Backpacks - If you need the backpack for traveling or hiking, you will be looking for a bigger backpack.
  • Medium Backpacks - If you need the school or as cabin luggage, a medium sized backpack will suffice.
  • Small Backpacks - If you need the running or day trips, a small backpack might suit you best.

Step 3.

Choose your backpack price range.
  • Expensive backpacks - If money isn't an object, you can get stronger, lighter, longer lasting and more trendy backpacks
  • Mid Range Backpacks - Generally its better to spend a little more to get a better backpack, without going to ridiculous extremes and getting a super expensive trendy backpack. But the mid range backpacks will serve you much better and much longer than a cheap backpack.
  • Cheap Backpacks - Some cheap backpacks are strong, others are cheap for a reason, so if you are buying a cheap backpack look at the backpack reviews carefully and appreciation you might buy cheap, but pay twice.

Step 4.

Choose your backpack style and colour
Backpacks come in all number of colours and designs, you need to choose one you like, as it will reflect on you as you carry your backpack around.

Step 5.

Buy your backpack online
Once you've chosen your backpack, just buy it from us. Simple.